Large Families: Four Ways To Add Extra Solar Energy To Your Home

One of the main goals when purchasing solar panels for your home is having the ability to rely only on solar power. This clean power source can help reduce your carbon footprint and energy costs. If you have a large family in your home, then there is typically going to be a larger need for power and electricity use. Multiple televisions, chargers, electronics, bathroom accessories, and cooking elements can all contribute to the power needs in your home. If you're worried about not getting enough solar power from a standard rooftop installation, then you have plenty of other options to choose from. Expanding your solar panels to other areas of the home can make a dramatic difference in the available power and your ability to have proper electricity without relying on a grid. Browse through these four options to see what options will fit well with your needs.

Solar Shades

If your home is out of rooftop areas for solar paneling, then you can expand the roof of your home using just solar panels. Solar contractors have the ability to install solar shades off the roof edges of your home. These shades come with many advantages. Along with providing extra solar power resources, the shades can act as a covered deck or porch for your home. While the panels collect sunlight, you can sit directly underneath them in a shaded area that helps eliminate direct heat. Solar shades can be installed off a small section of the home or across a larger area like a back patio or pool deck. Installing these shades can add a lot of extra power to your home.

Solar Facade

Depending on where the sun hits the home, you may have an ideal angle for installing solar facades on the home. As an alternative to using just the roof, a solar facade features panels installed on the side of the home. These panels can be placed directly over siding and wired into the original roof system. Some homes have a ton of extra space on the sides that panels can be attached to. Depending on the size of the home, you may have the ability to nearly double the power you collect by having a solar facade set up. Special panels may be used on the side of the home to help reduce glare during the brightest parts of the day.


If expanding off the roof is not an option, then you can use some of your lawn to help generate a little extra solar power. Ground-mounted solar panels are installed directly on the ground and can be positioned to gain optimal power from the sun. One of the main advantages of using a ground-mounted solar panel is the ability to install panels that adjust to the sunlight. As the sun location moves throughout the day, the panel can automatically adjust to capture the most sunlight. This allows your large family to get as much power as it needs. Ground-mounted panels can be installed in either your front or back yard. It all depends on the best location for the sun.

Garage Roof Solar Shingles

The garage is another area where you can expand your solar panel options. To help the panels blend into the roof easier, you have the option of installing solar shingles. These shingles are smaller solar panels that can blend into the roofing area and still provide you with the ability to collect solar power. The small design of the shingles can make them easier to install on a small area like a garage. Many solar panel contractors can add panels to the garage and properly wire them if the garage is detached from the home.

Contact a solar panel company or check out websites like to find out more information on these expansive options and ways to have them installed in your home.