Mistakes You Could Make With Your First Marsh Buggy Rental

Renting an amphibian carrier, or marsh buggy, for the first time can present a number of questions and challenges. As someone who doesn't use these machines all the time, making mistakes is a possibility that could result in all kinds of delays and worksite problems. Here are some types of pitfalls that could arise if you're not careful, and what the right course of action is instead.

Not Seeking Permits

While some rental companies take care of permit applications in-house without much input from you, you are probably going to be the responsible party if the town or city you're in realizes that you haven't got the appropriate permission for your work with this kind of equipment. Call or visit municipal offices to chat about your upcoming work and what documents or information you need to present-- if any.

Not Using an Experienced Driver

It's possible that you have an employee who is licensed to drive marsh buggies or other amphibian machines. However, it's vital that you do an honest assessment of their ability to operate the equipment when it arrives. They may not have operated an amphibian carrier for some years, for instance. In that case, work with your rental facility to secure one of their own experienced drivers or an operator that they approve.

Not Having a Clear Schedule Planned

Even though you are likely to set a date and approximate time for the marsh buggy rental to do its work, you need to have a crystal clear schedule in mind so that you and workers can work efficiently. You will be, after all, paying for the time the machine is on your site, and if there is a rental company driver involved, you don't want there to be a ton of idle time. Be sure to communicate with your managers and workers so that other construction activities will be completed in a way that won't impede the work of the marsh buggy. If you're not sure how long the work with the marsh buggy will take, you may want to set aside more time than you think you'll need to avoid problems.

By working to stay away from marsh buggy rental mistakes like these, you can increase the likelihood that your project can proceed without too many first-timer glitches. Speaking with the rental company beforehand can allow you to gather additional information and make solid choices about the equipment.